NordVPN Review | #1 Choice Of VPN in 2020?

NordVPN is perhaps the most well-liked VPN on the market with an enormous client base round the world. whereas it’s extremely suggested on several sites, it will generally be troublesome to seek out honest data concerning this VPN supplier.

In this new and updated NordVPN review, I place the service through in depth take a look and let the test results stand on their own.


Is NordVPN still too slow?

Is NordVPN secure (no leaks)?

Do all of the options work correctly?

Is it really well worth the price?


As you’ll be able to see with all of the screenshots below, NordVPN was extensively tested for this review to once and for all answer all questions. Let’s examine the results.


NordVPN Summary


While NordVPN has antecedently been a prime recommendation, it’s presently within the #1 spot on the most effective VPNs 2019 report, just trailing behind is ExpressVPN (#2) and CyberGhost (#2). For a fully-featured VPN, however, NordVPN is among the most effective values you’ll realize after you use the seventy fifth discount coupon. yet, it conjointly comes with a number of drawbacks.



Pros of NordVPN


-Strong privacy options

-Secure apps with no leaks

-Excellent costs (best worth VPN)

-NordVPN’s giant server network

-Great client support

-Verified no logs VPN supplier

-NordVPN primarily based in Panama (good privacy jurisdiction)

-Cons of NordVPN

-Variable speeds (slower than some competitors)

-Mac OS OpenVPN app has no “internet” kill switch

-Additional analysis findings

-Does NordVPN work with Netflix?

-Is NordVPN smart for torrenting?

-Does NordVPN use virtual server locations?

-NordVPN dedicated information processing address choices

-NordVPN router choices

-Pros of NordVPN

-Here are the exact (advantages) of NordVPN.


  1. Robust Privacy Options

NordVPN offers some solid options to boost user privacy and security. Let’s take a glance at a number of those options.





NordVPN CyberSec could be a security feature that has a malicious sites filter and a billboard and pursuit blocker. I found it to figure well in testing, effectively obstruction all advertising domains on completely different sites I visited.

Two alternative VPN services that conjointly provide these features are:

Perfect Privacy – good Privacy offers a TrackStop feature to stop ads, tracking, and malicious domains at the VPN server level. It conjointly contains a parental filter and filters to stop Google and social media domain pursuit.

VyprVPN – VyprVPN offers a malicious sites filter which will block dangerous domains, however it doesn’t offer ad obstruction.

NordVPN’s CyberSec feature looked as if it would had best with blocker ads within the basic tests I ran for this review.


Tor (Onion) Over VPN


Despite the drawbacks of the Tor network (namely slow speeds and also the potential for information processing address leaks), it will still be combined with a VPN for a lot of privacy. Keep in mind, however, that combining Tor with a VPN might not be the most effective plan, thanks to the drawbacks.

NordVPN offers 3 server locations that exit onto the Tor (onion) network:






Unfortunately, I found the Onion-over-VPN servers to be rather slow, however this is often entirely thanks to the Tor network, that routes all traffic through 3 completely different relays, thereby slows everything down.


Double VPN (multi-hop)

Using a multi-hop VPN offers several advantages over a regular VPN setup (single server). If a server were to be targeted (monitored), a multi-hop VPN configuration would add more protection by serving to to hide incoming and/or outgoing traffic.

NordVPN presently offers sixteen double-hop VPN configurations, that they list on their web site. For those wanting a better level of privacy and security, the double-encryption is definitely worth the performance exchange.



Kill Switch

NordVPN is one among the few VPNs that provides 2 completely different forms of kill switches. A kill switch is vital as a result of it blocks traffic if the VPN association drops, that protects you from de-anonymization and your regular traffic being exposed.

In the screenshot below you’ll be able to see the 2 completely different kill switches:


1.Internet Kill Switch – this may block all traffic if the VPN association drops (recommended).


2. App Kill Switch – this may shut applications if the VPN association drops, however won’t block any traffic.


Kill Switch


NordVPN offers 2 completely different kill switches.

If you’re aware concerning information processing address leaks it might in all probability be best to use the “Internet Kill Switch” as this may provide the foremost protection and block non-VPN traffic through the firewall.

I tested the net Kill Switch and located it to effectively block traffic once there wasn’t an affiliation to a VPN server.

(Note: there’s one downside, however, with the MAC OS OpenVPN client’s kill switch, as we’ll cowl below within the Cons section.)

You can learn a lot of concerning the various options offered by NordVPN on their web site here.


  1. Secure Apps With No Leaks


Once again, NordVPN has created some wonderful enhancements within the areas of privacy and security within the past year. in depth testing didn’t realize any leaks with the NordVPN Windows or raincoat OS shoppers.

I tested the Windows and MAC OS shoppers with the essential VPN tests and checks with the leading

Overall the take a look at the results:

No IPv4 leaks

No IPv6 leaks

No DNS leaks

No leaks – here could be a take a look at result showing everything operating properly with the NordVPN consumer (no leaks).

You can see within the image on top of that the NordVPN European nation server is providing Maine with AN IPv4 address, obstruction IPv6, and handling DNS requests. The WebRTC leak take a look at results on top of ar nativeinformation processing addresses (not leaks).

With the newest update to the current review, it’s clear that NordVPN has created some nice security enhancements with its Windows and MAC OS applications.


  1. Amazing Prices (best value VPN)


NordVPN is one among the most affordable VPN services you may realize (that continues to be smart quality). Immediately NordVPN is giving a reduced three-year subscription value with the three-year set up. whereas the length is definitely long, the savings are important, at only $2.99 per month.

Below is the discounted NordVPN subscription prices:


$2.99/month for the 3-year set up

$3.99/month for the 2-year set up

$6.99/month for the 1-year set up

$11.95/month for the 1-month set up


You can pay with all major credit cards, Amazon Pay, Alipay, UnionPay, and even a range of cryptocurrencies. One downside, however, is that NordVPN isn’t any longer supporting PayPal payments.



Refund policy (30 days)


NordVPN provides a thirty day money-back guarantee, that is sort of generous for VPN standards. this is often one among the most effective VPN trial windows you may realize, as I explained in my penultimate VPN’s giving free trials. I place their refund policy to the take a look at and that they were fast to issue a refund.

If you’re hesitant concerning the 2 or three-year subscription plans, NordVPN conjointly offers shorter length subscriptions, however they’re costlier. (I’m maintaining a NordVPN discounts page to trace the newest offers on NordVPN.)


  1. NordVPN’s Giant Server Network


NordVPN boasts an enormous server network, that presently includes concerning, 200 servers in sixty countries.


Server Network


In the past few years NordVPN has unendingly dilated and updated its server network to enhance performance. This has resulted in less congestion and higher speeds for all users. you’ll be able to see time period information measure stats for each server on the NordVPN web site.

Obfuscated servers – NordVPN conjointly contains a nice lineup of obfuscated servers, which is able to mechanically alter (hide) all VPN traffic to seem like regular HTTPS traffic. this is often helpful where VPNs could also be obtaining blocked, as explained more within the best VPNs for China guide.


  1. Quality Client Support


NordVPN currently offers 24/7 live chat support and also the representatives are quite helpful. Chat support is accessible directly on the NordVPN web site within the bottom right corner. I tested out the NordVPN chat support a number of completely different times for this review, asking them basic queries, and it worked well with no problems.



Live Chat Support


In all my interactions with NordVPN support, it didn’t take long to attach with a representative (under a minute). The support workers was useful in responsive all my queries. Support with a number of the larger VPN suppliers is hit or miss. With NordVPN, support looks to be excellent immediately.


  1. NordVPN No Logs Policy


Another necessary facet in terms of privacy and security is NordVPN’s work policy. As we tend to coated within the verified no logs VPN guide, NordVPN is one among the few VPN services that has been verified to be really no logs. In Nov 2018, NordVPN underwent AN audit to look at all aspects of the service and verify the “no logs” policy. The audit was performed by Pricewaterhouse Coopers atomic number 47 in metropolis, European nation.

Unfortunately, the auditing firm isn’t granting the general public unharness of the results, however existing NordVPN customers will read the full report within the NordVPN member’s space. I obtained a duplicate of the audit and examined the findings. Here could be a transient outline that I denote within the no logs VPN guide:

NordVPN was audited by Pricewaterhouse Coopers atomic number 47, Zurich, European nation, that had full access to look at NordVPN’s servers, interview workers, observe operations, and as examine configurations, databases, and the other relevant facet of the VPN service.

The audit formally verified NordVPN to be a “no-log service” that continues to be faithful to it’s policies. NordVPN doesn’t store audit logs, information processing addresses, traffic logs, or any net activity data.

While NordVPN will enforce association limitations (like nearly all VPNs), this doesn’t contradict their policies. Here could be a more rationalization of NordVPN’s work policy from their website:

NordVPN strictly keeps no logs of your activity on-line. which means we tend to don’t track the time or length of any on-line session, and neither will we keep logs of information processing addresses or servers used, websites visited or files downloaded.  In alternative words, none of your non-public and secure knowledge is logged and gathered at any time. As a result, we tend to aren’t able to offer any details concerning your behavior on-line, albeit you request it yourself.

NordVPN relies far from the EU and North American nation jurisdiction and isn’t needed to gather your personal knowledge and information– it suggests that nothing is recorded, monitored, stored, logged or passed to 3rd parties.

Overall, NordVPN could be a solid alternative if you’re trying to find a no logs VPN supplier that has been verified.


  1. NordVPN Is Based Mostly In Panama (good privacy jurisdiction)


Another advantage of NordVPN is that it’s based mostly in Panama. Panama resides outside of the fourteen eyes countries and it’s a wonderful jurisdiction for privacy.

As NordVPN explains on its website:

“We are based mostly and operate underneath the jurisdiction of Panama. there’s no necessary knowledge retention law in Panama therefore we tend to don’t have to be compelled to store logs that is ideal for a VPN supplier.”

Over the past year there are numerous allegations concerning NordVPN’s association to alternative countries in Europe, that I explained within the NordVPN Tesonet article. However, what some individuals merely fail to know is that almost each technical school company workers individuals everywhere the planet, as well as NordVPN. “


This truth is entirely immaterial to the official jurisdiction of the corporate, that relies on wherever the business is incorporated. this is often a proper, legal designation and it determines underneath that laws the VPN operates. Being based mostly in Panama is a decent jurisdiction that provides NordVPN over alternative VPN suppliers, as I conjointly explained in my comparison of NordVPN and personal net access.


Cons of NordVPN


Now we’ll examine the cons of NordVPN.


  1. Variable Speeds (slower than some competitors)


NordVPN has considerably improved speeds since I initial started testing it a few years past. yet, the newest tests for this NordVPN review show there’s still area for improvement.

All of the speed tests with NordVPN were conducted on a one hundred sixty Mbps association of the 256-bit OpenVPN UDP protocol. I didn’t hook up with any overladen servers and used the NordVPN auto-connect feature, that chooses the most effective server for performance in an exceedingly given region supported proximity and server loading.

First, I tested a close-by server in Federal Republic of Germany, that gave me sevent- four Mbps:



NordVPN Speed Review


This isn’t horrifying, however it’s under no circumstances nice, particularly compared to alternative VPNs, like ExpressVPN, that offer around one hundred fifty Mbps (basically maxing out my connection speed).

Next up was a NordVPN European nation server: seventeen Mbps


NordVPN Speed Tests


Again, not the most effective speeds.

I conjointly ran some tests with NordVPN servers within the Britain, wherever speeds were better: eighty-one Mbps. If you would like a VPN for the united kingdom, NordVPN wouldn’t be a nasty choice. For this review, I conjointly tested variety of NordVPN servers within the US and Canada. The results were similar.

Here I’m testing a NordVPN server in the big apple and obtaining around fifty-three Mbps.


Nordvpn USA Speeds


Speeds with the NordVPN Chicago server were a touch lower furthermore at thirty four Mbps.

NordVPN USA Review

Speeds with all the North American nation servers I tested were usually during this vary. I conjointly tested a number of servers in Canada. Here could be a NordVPN server in urban center at sixty two Mbps.


NordVPN for Canada


Overall these speeds aren’t superb, however they conjointly aren’t horrifying. If you would like a basic VPN for browsing and streaming Netflix, NordVPN ought to positively be adequate. this is often conjointly explained within the VPN for USA and Canada VPN guides.


  1. Conjointly ran various speed tests for the comparison of NordVPN and ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN came out on prime altogether locations tested.


  1. MAC OS OpenVPN app has no “internet” kill switch.


Another downside with NordVPN is that the MAC OS OpenVPN consumer doesn’t have AN “internet” kill switch. As we tend to explained on top of, however, the Windows app offers 2 kinds of kill switches, that could be a smart security feature.


With NordVPN’s MAC OS OpenVPN consumer, however, you simply have the application-level kill switch.


NordVPN Kill Switch


This is a downside for MAC OS users WHO wish the total net kill switch to stop all traffic if the VPN connection drops. On a positive note, the MAC OS IKEv2 app will provide the total “internet kill switch” and conjointly the “app kill switch”.


So if you’re a MAC user and are trying to find the most effective MAC OS VPN services, you’ll wish to think about alternative choices.

That is about all I might realize for cons with NordVPN. Overall it remains a decent choice at a decent value.


Additional analysis findings


Here are the extra analysis findings for this NordVPN review, supported my very own tests.


Does NordVPN work with Netflix?


Yes, NordVPN continues to figure well with Netflix, even supposing most VPN’s are becoming blocked by the service.

With NordVPN you’ll be able to get full access to US Netflix, UK Netflix, and a few alternative regions furthermore. it’s positively a solid Netflix VPN service considering the server choice and performance.

In the best VPN for Netflix guide I ran NordVPN through variety of real-world tests to ascertain how well it unblocks Netflix. Overall NordVPN did okay in these tests – each unblocking Netflix and conjointly giving good speeds for HD streaming.

Below I’m employing a NordVPN server in the big apple to stream Netflix from my location in Europe.


NordVPN Netflix


NordVPN works well for streaming Netflix.

You can check Netflix conveniently for the region you would like to use on the NordVPN web site.


Is NordVPN smart for torrenting? (Yes)


Yes, NordVPN is a wonderful alternative for torrenting as a result of it’s a verified no logs VPN supplier and there are zero restrictions on torrenting or P2P downloads.

When torrenting with NordVPN, take care to modify the kill switch to safeguard you just in case the connection drops. This may guarantee your real information processing address stays protected and secure. you’ll be able to conjointly realize guides on the NordVPN web site showing you the way to setup NordVPN with uTorrent and BitTorrent shoppers.


Does NordVPN use virtual server locations?


For this NordVPN review, I conjointly checked variety of various servers to verify actuality server location. Some VPNs use what they discuss with as “virtual server locations“. One example of this may be a server in Singapore spoofing a location of Sri Lanka. 

This is often straightforward for VPNs to try as a result of they’ll declare any location they require for a spread of IP addresses they purchase. To check for virtual server locations, you’ll be able to merely ping the server from completely different knowledge centers round the world and triangulate the placement – see the steps made public during this guide.

I tested numerous NordVPN server locations all round the world and everything confirmed. You’ll be able to get the server computer address from the NordVPN web site (see Servers from the navigation menu). NordVPN doesn’t seem to be any virtual server locations.



Virtual Servers


All of NordVPN’s server locations confirmed.

All of NordVPN’s servers seem to be within the publicised location (no virtual server locations). this is often for NordVPN users, whereas some VPNs believe heavily on virtual locations, like PureVPN, for instance.


Dedicated IP addresses


NordVPN conjointly provides you the choice to urge an infatuated IP address, which can be helpful in some use cases. they provide dedicated information processing addresses within the following locations:

United States (Buffalo, LA, Dallas) – $70

Germany (Frankfurt) – $70

United Kingdom (London) – $70

Netherlands (Amsterdam) – $70

The cost is for one year access to the dedicated/static IP. Despite the price, NordVPN is among the most effective VPNs for a static IP. You’ll be able to purchase several IP address by contacting NordVPN’s support to rearrange the IP location and have them add it to your account.


Router Choices


NordVPN is additionally a quality VPN to use on a router. I’ve tested numerous VPN suppliers on various routers and have an in-depth VPN router setup guide that answers most queries.

If you’re wanting to use NordVPN on a router, you essentially have 3 completely different options:

  1. Get a pre-configured router from AN outlet like Sabai Technology or FlashRouters. These are going to be somewhat costly, however it’ll be able to use with NordVPN right out of the box and pre-configured with the router code you would like.

       2. Get a VPN-enabled router that may be used with a VPN with none flashing needed. The most effective choice of VPN-enabled routers comes from Asus. Asus offers various routers that may be simply loaded with OpenVPN configuration files (from any VPN provider) and be operating in mere minutes.

       3. Flash your existing router. this could be tough and somewhat risky (bricking your router), therefore you may wish to proceed with caution if you go down this route. The degree of problem can depend upon the router you’re victimization.


Tip – When using NordVPN on a router, hook up with the closest server with the lightest load. Also, ensure that you use a router that has enough CPU to provide you the speeds you would like. 


NordVPN Review Conclusion


NordVPN earns a powerful recommendation. The newest take a look at results for this NordVPN review. it’s created nice enhancements over the last year, that include:


  • Hundreds of new servers side round the world
  • Great security and privacy options (CyberSec, ad obstruction, specialty servers)
  • Better apps with a lot of security (improved kill switch functionality)


NordVPN is presently #1 on the most effective VPN services report. It remains a decent choice, following behind is ExpressVPN (#2) and CyberGhost (#3).



NordVPN is additionally one among the most effective values within the VPN industry with this 75% off discount, the costs that drop the speed right down to $2.99 per month. And with the thirty day money-back guarantee, you’ll be able to take a look at the VPN safe to ascertain if it works well for you.


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you any more but it does help us to continue publishing helpful content – thank you for your support!

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