NordVPN vs IPVanish | Which One Should I Buy?

NordVPN VS IPVanish. IPVanish and NordVPN are 2 of the foremost well-liked VPN providers, which might make selecting a tough task. to help out, we did an in depth NordVPN vs. IPVanish comparison. Let’s determine how each supplier fare and which one is well worth the cash. NordVPN vs. IPVanish: options IPVanish and Nord VPN give support for all.

IPVanish and NordVPN are 2 of the foremost fashionable VPN suppliers, which might create selecting a tough task. to assist out, we have a tendency to did a close NordVPN vs. IPVanish comparison. Let’s resolve however every supplier fare and that one is well worth the cash.


NordVPN vs. IPVanish: Options



IPVanish and NordVPN offer support for all major platforms, together with Windows, iOS, and android. both additionally permit router-based installations, however they take issue within the specific models supported. NordVPN recommends that you simply use an Asus, Linksys, or D-Link router. IPVanish will support routers with custom Tomato or DD-WRT firmware installed.


Other options both suppliers have include:


  • AES-256 encryption
  • DNS leaks protection
  • P2P support
  • Geo-blocked content access


All these options guarantee that each are ready to handle most simple VPN needs.


A closer look into IPVanish’ features

One of IPVanish’s biggest strengths is that it will support ten devices at the same time. this can be virtually double the capability of NordVPN, that solely goes up to 6. However, IPVanish will remind you to have only 1 connection if you’re using the PPTP or L2TP protocol.

IPVanish additionally has an Obfuscate/Scramble feature to disguise your traffic once using the OpenVPN protocol. the location says that it’ll even work on trackers that use deep packet inspection to discover OpenVPN traffic. This makes IPVanish appropriate when in countries like China wherever OpenVPN traffic is restricted.



IPVanish Features


The Scramble feature works well with IPVanish’s unlimited server switching perform to cover your traffic further. the company additionally has 40,000 ip addresses that you simply will use.

IPVanish provides split tunneling. This allows you to choose which app or program traffic can go through your VPN connection, helping you increase your connection speed. Split tunneling is presently available solely on the android app.

A closer look into NordVPN’s features

NordVPN carries a lot of specialized set of extra features. one among the foremost fascinating is its double VPN capability. It works by passing web traffic through 2 separate servers, increasing your traffic’s encryption. Click on the DoubleVPN button to use it, and see the offered server combos.


NordVPN Features


NordVPN additionally has the CyberSec ad blocker feature that stops connection requests from proverbial ad sources. the site claims that it additionally blocks malware and botnets. The feature is active by default after you install NordVPN’s consumer.

Other NordVPN options to take note of are:


  • -SmartPlay: A feature for accessing region-locked content, including streaming sites like Netflix.
  • -Onion Over VPN: you’ll be able to use the NordVPN network along side the Tor network for exaggerated obscurity and security.
  • -Browser extension: NordVPN has extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for managing the sites you visit.


These options make NordVPN a flexible supplier for various applications.



NordVPN vs. IPVanish: Servers and Reach



Our NordVPN VS IPVanish comparison showed both suppliers having similar coverages; each have servers in sixty countries. However, NordVPN outreaches IPVanish in the range of actual servers. the previous has over 5,300 servers as opposed to the latter’s 1,200. you’ll be able to notice NordVPN’s servers in these locations.



IPVanish Servers


One distinction that IPVanish will have is that it owns its entire network. t extends to the DNS servers the company use for managing user traffic. This assures you of larger privacy since there are not any third parties that have access to your information.


NordVPN VS IPVanish: P2P/Torrenting


IPVanish has the advantage for P2P usage since it permits torrenting on all servers. the site additionally claims to permit unlimited torrenting traffic, although it’s fast to inform that speeds are slower than regular connections. IPVanish even says you’ll be able to enjoy anonymous torrenting with its SOCKS5 support and no logs policy, that are nice for downloading movies on-line.

NordVPN limits torrenting to a couple of servers located in thirty seven countries. However, the company will show that these servers are dedicated to P2P, giving higher performance. These servers are labelled within the NordVPN app’s on-screen map for faster identification.



NordVPN VS IPVanish: Streaming



NordVPN is one among the remaining VPN services that can unblock Netflix, due to its SmartPlay feature. It allows you to go round the streaming site’s VPN block by mimicking the functions of a sensible DNS. using the feature, you’ll be able to access the contents of those six countries: U.S.A., UK, Japan, Canda, Australia, and the Netherlands.

While IPVanish doesn’t support Netflix unblocking any longer, it still works for a decent range of alternative streaming channels like:


  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • CBS Sports
  • BBC


These channels can provide you with an out-sized assortment of programs to look at.


NordVPN VS IPVanish: Performance


As a part of our NordVPN VS IPVanish comparison, we reviewed the speed measurements conducted by web testing company Ookla on both suppliers. IPVanish led the tests, maintaining 95.7% of the transfer speed of a VPN-less connection. In contrast, NordVPN was ready to reach 94.9% of normal connection speeds.



Ookla take a look at Results – NordVPN VS IPVanish



The small distinction between the 2 providers’ speeds come back as no surprise, since IPVanish manage their own network and may work to optimize it. Ookla themselves even noted that IPVanish owning all its servers contributed to the company’s efficiency.



IPVanish’s Performance in Detail


We also determined to check IPVanish to better see how it performs. Our take a look at connection was capped at 2Mbps, however the VPN was ready to go past the cap and reached these speeds.


IPVanish Speed Test



Our tests with its UK server delivered a speed of 8.7Mbps. we created extra tests to weigh down the connection deliberately, however the VPN still managed to deliver a consistent speed.

You can additionally expect similar speeds for P2P applications although the location cautions that the speeds would be lower than regular torrenting speeds. the very fact that torrenting is out there on all servers is another plus for IPVanish’s  P2P capabilities.



NordVPN’s Performance Well


Since each VPN suppliers have terribly close test numbers, you’ll be able to expect that NordVPN can deliver similar performances to it of IPVanish. Users noted that the former encompasses a slight advantage once it involves native connections, however this may get on a case-to-case basis.

NordVPN is sort of on par with IPVanish once it involves torrenting since it’s fewer servers dedicated to torrenting. Those few servers they are optimized to handle P2P traffic although. several of the dedicated servers also are located in areas where torrenting is allowed, supplying you with extra security.



NordVPN VS IPVanish: Usability


Both providers have easy-to-use client apps. one among the options they share is that the interactive map for locating available servers. you’ll be able to establish a connection simply by clicking on the server icons on the map. The map is open by default within the NordVPN home screen, while you would like to travel to the dedicated Map tab for IPVanish.


IPVanish’s App


The IPVanish app also options a graph displaying your current server load. The graph is updated in period, permitting you to stay track of your traffic. other info that you can notice onscreen include the time you pay connected and the server address.


IPVanish App


The app additionally encompasses a filtering feature to type servers into categories like country and ping time. The filtering method is simple and allows you to connect with your required servers right the list. there’s additionally a “stealth mode” feature that allows you to bypass VPN blocking.


Beyond the special options, IPVanish provides you lowest setting options, including:

Auto reconnect: you’ll be able to set the app to modify your connection just in case of interruptions.

Block LAN Traffic: you’ll be able to set the VPN to block all traffic going to your native network devices.

OpenVPN port: IPVanish allows you to opt for completely different ports for the OpenVPN protocol if you’ve got connection problems.

Server connections: you’ll be able to opt to connect either to the last server you connected to or the quickest one accessible

The settings are bestowed in a very clean layout, making it simple to browse through the choices.



NordVPN’s app



The home screen map on NordVPN’s app is wherever most of the action takes place. except for displaying all the regular servers, it additionally shows the P2P and Double VPN servers in your given location. there’s additionally a search bar at the side for trying up specific servers. NordVPN App

Another notable feature of the on-screen map is that the fast Connect section that recommends the most effective servers for you. The supplier says the feature determines the server to recommend supported various factors like ping time, traffic quality, and load. This makes it handy for brand new users.

The app’s settings menu is easy to use, with special choices like CyberSec being accessible via one-click buttons. There are a couple of advanced choices to tinker with, like:


Custom DNS: you’ll be able to add your choice of DNS servers to use when connecting.

Obfuscated Servers: This masks your traffic and lets it go around network restrictions like firewalls.

Protocol: NordVPN uses UDP by default for transmitting and receiving packets, however you’ll be able to choose tcp for raised security.

Diagnostics: This allows you to quickly collect and send diagnostic via support tickets just in case of problems.

The advanced settings give you a degree of flexibility once fixing your VPN connection.



NordVPN VS IPVanish Rating And Plans


Pricing is that the final stop in our NordVPN VS IPVanish comparison. the 2 suppliers have similar plans, with NordVPN having the following:



Monthly: $11.95 per month

Yearly: $6.99 per month, billed $83.88 annually

Two-year: $3.99 per month, billed $95.75 every 2 years

Three-year: $2.99 per month, billed $107.58 every 3 years


IPVanish has the following plans:



Monthly: $10 per month

Yearly: $6.49 per month, billed $77.99 annually

Two-year: $3.70 per month, billed $89 every 2 years

Both sets of plans come back inclusive of all the options each supplier offers.


IPVanish is the winner between the 2, with a slightly cheaper price. NordVPN’s three-year offer looks lower per month, however it’ll not be ideal if you simply desire a VPN for short-term use.



NordVPN VS IPVanish: Guarantees and Client Support





NordVPN wins once it comes to guarantees, sporting a 30-day a reimbursement guarantee. On the other hand, IPVanish solely comes with a seven-day guarantee. each guarantees are fairly simple to get, and therefore the 2 providers permit you to cancel your subscription at any time.

Both IPVanish VS NordVPN provide you with the same channels wherever you’ll be able to reach their client support, including:


  • Live chat
  • Support tickets/Contact forms
  • Email


Each also encompasses a massive choice of self-help articles to guide you through setup and operation.




Who Wins Between IPVanish and NordVPN?


After our thorough NordVPN VS IPVanish comparison, we award the win to IPVanish attributable to these key factors:


-Performance: IPVanish outdoes NordVPN in terms of speed, even with a smaller network. we can solely expect IPvanish to try and do higher because it expands.


-Security: the very fact that IPVanish owns its entire network is a sensible assurance against third-party access to your info.


-P2P compatibility: we like that IPVanish allows torrenting on all its servers which it delivers cheap download speeds.


-Price: Despite its prices having only a small margin, IPVanish remains the more cost-effective choice.


While IPVanish is our winner, it wasn’t a complete rout and that we still believe that NordVPN is worth your time and cash. you’ll be able to also go through our detailed provider reviews to search out alternative suppliers you’ll be able to think about.




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