VirtualShield VPN Review (2020) | Is It Safe?

How does VirtualShield compare to the likes of NordVPN or VyprVPN in terms or security and privacy? Are they reliable? Are they based in the U.S.? Do they keep any logs of your data on their servers? We plan to answer all of these questions and more in theil detailed review, so stay tuned!

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Otherwise, let’s get into why this is probably one of the best hidden gems of small VPN suppliers around. Let’s go!


VirtualShield Review & Rating


VirtualShield is a little and comparatively unknown VPN provider with a base in Delaware, USA. Besides this, they’re conjointly a reasonably new company, being founded in may 2017. However, simply because a VPN is little and new, doesn’t essentially mean that they’re bad. that is why we are creating this review which will extend into everything about Virtual Shield and give you all the main points therefore you’ll see for yourself however sensible this VPN extremely is.

Virtual Shield keeps no logs, as way as we all know – They claim that they keep no user logs, however sadly, we have a tendency to haven’t been ready to notice any proof of this, therefore you’ll ought to take them at their word for now.

Decent client support – For a VPN of this size, the customer support Virtual Shield offers is good. You won’t get responses quickly, however it actually won’t take them too long to retort either.



VPN Security & Privacy



On the VirtualShield web site, it’s clearly visible from the primary few paragraphs that they take privacy and security of individuals very seriously. but how do they are doing this?

They have their own special feature once it comes to security and privacy, known as IdentiSafe. This feature could be a type of anti-spy application and its main purpose is to secure your microphone and digital camera from unwanted spying. It conjointly prevents chase, and far additional. 

It all sounds nice however sadly, it’s nothing special. All alternative major VPNs have constant issue primarily, usually way more. VirtualShield has simply determined to pack it an interestingly named feature so as to make it special. Of course, this doesn’t negate the actual fact that it’s an honest feature notwithstanding.

It appears that VirtualShield doesn’t offer any type of advanced encryption, therefore the safety and privacy this VPN provides isn’t extremely certain as it is with different major VPNs.

Fortunately, VirtualShield will encrypt your wifi, that is actually a plus for them. With this vital feature, you’ll be ready to shield your browsing from strangers and potential hackers.

One of the issues that VirtualShield has is additionally the actual fact that DNS leaks occur once victimization this VPN. For those of you who don’t know, DNS leaks are essentially proof of faults in the safety features a VPN needs to offer. they’re not major issues, and that they do occur with many VPN suppliers, however they’re positively one thing that ought to be avoided. 

A DNS leak essentially implies that the VPN doesn’t properly block DNS requests from being discovered to your ISP. In essence, this implies that the VPN isn’t doing one thing that it ought to be doing, and that’s obstruction your ISP from having the ability to visualize what you’re doing. This doesn’t mean that your ISP can see what you’re doing on-line, however it will mean that they’ll see if they really strive.



Features & Add-Ons



VirtualShield offers purchasers for all major platforms, as well as Windows, Mac, iOS, and mechanical man the nice issue regarding these purchasers is that they need an honest style and are terribly straightforward to use. this can be actually the case with several VPN services, however not continually, therefore it’s still a and for VirtualShield.

Besides the purchasers, VirtualShield conjointly offers extensions for all major browsers, together with Opera, which isn’t a browser that typically gets extensions from VPN suppliers.

Unlike most VPNs, VirtualShield doesn’t supply a killswitch, albeit this feature is extremely necessary for user privacy. If you’re not already acquainted, a killswitch could be a feature that may close up your net connection if the connection to your VPN server suddenly drops for no matter reason. therefore primarily, if it happens that you just inadvertently lose connection to the VPN server, you won’t still use the web and become vulnerable whereas you are doing it.



Virtual Shield Netflix



When it involves streaming, you’ll be able to stream with reference to anything, as you’d with several different VPNs. However, you’ll even be ready to use U.S. Netflix, that isn’t one thing that you just would be ready to do with all different VPNs.

If you don’t already know, Netflix is attempting to prevent VPNs once it involves their service, and that they do this with a great deal of success, sadly. Thankfully, there are several VPNs that are still ready to give you with access to U.S. Netflix, and VirtualShield is in this group for now.

Unlike streaming, you won’t be ready to use torrents whereas using VirtualShield as torrenting isn’t allowed by this VPN provider.



VPN Plans, Free Trials, and Money Back Guarantees



If you decide you would like to shop for this service, you must understand that they provide many plans from which you’ll choose. Naturally, they provide a 1-month set up, twelve months set up, twenty four months set up, and a thirty six months set up. each is cheaper than the one before it. 

However, the massive distinction from different VPNs is that VirtualShield offers a plan for only one person, wherever you’ll shield up to three devices at identical time, and a plan for “a family” that is intended with an entire house in mind, and with this set up you’ll shield a grand total of fifteen devices at the same time. this is a noteworthy approach of making plans, however ultimately it’s a bit expensive for what it’s offered.


Furthermore, they provide many advanced options that aren’t needed in order to use Virtual Shield’s service, however they do value plenty if you choose to get all of them.

The good thing is that they provide a free trial on all of their plans that lasts for thirty days. With such a generous free trial, you’ll be ready to test out everything of this VPN provider for yourself, and ultimately decide however good it is and whether or not or not it’s helpful for your needs.



VirtualShield offers no money back guarantees, that is actually understandable as they do supply a long-lived free trial.



Customer Support


The client support section of VirtualShield is fairly good, as they provide help via support tickets and live chat. The individuals operating in client support are sadly not available all the time, even on the live chat, however this can be basically a normality for most smaller VPN suppliers as they merely don’t have enough individuals operating for them. this is why we still wish to mention that their client support service is sufficiently good for a VPN of their size.

Furthermore, if you would like to seek out help on your own, Virtual Shield will supply a comprehensive knowledgebase on their web site, that you’ll visit at any time.




VirtualShield Pros & Cons


  • Servers in twenty seven countries – the quantity of locations is certainly not tiny, however it’s a lot of less than the numbers of different VPNs. what is more, the quantity of servers is additionally very low. All of this can be quite normal for now, as VirtualShield continues to be a little VPN supplier with a small variety of users.
  • Torrenting not allowed, however Netflix works fine – It appears that VirtualShield has done an honest job once it involves dynamic your geo-location. However, they do not enable torrenting, that is neither bad nor surprising, as this VPN is found within the U.S., wherever torrenting of copyrighted material is totally illegal.
  • Available on all major platforms – a bit like several different VPNs, VirtualShield is also offered on all major platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. It even offers extensions for browsers, as well as one for Opera.
  • Too expensive for what they provide – they need lots of plans and that we can talk about them in additional detail later within the article, however briefly, they’re too overpriced for what they provide, particularly once combined with all the extra options that they provide.
  • No advanced encryption – VirtualShield, sadly, doesn’t supply something special once it involves coding as they don’t use any advanced strategies (AES-256 for example) like several different VPNs.
  • DNS leaks do occur – throughout our tests, we detected that DNS leaks do occur once using VirtualShield, that actually isn’t the best thing for your privacy and security on-line.



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